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Hazmat crews attend aviation fuel leak in Sunshine

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02 Mar 2014
Hazmat crews were called to Sunshine today after aviation fuel leaked from a damaged pipe.

Between 1,000 to 4,000 litres of aviation fuel has leaked from a damaged pipeline that runs alongside multiple railway lines in Sunshine this afternoon.
Fire crews were called to the incident on Anderson Road just before 1.30pm.
Workmen on site were able to contain the fuel into a bunded concrete pit. MFB firefighters were on scene within minutes of receiving the call and ensured the fuel leak was isolated and the spilt product blanketed in foam.
MFB Hazmat operators were on scene to utilise specialist equipment to monitor flammability and toxicity levels of the fuel and continued to conduct air monitoring. Weather reports and wind conditions were also closely monitored.
Exon Mobil representatives were also on site to give expert advice. Some rail services were stopped during the incident.  An EPA representative also attended the scene. Local community members were kept updated.
The incident took 50 minutes to bring under control.
An industrial vacuum truck is currently pumping the aviation fuel into its tank for safe removal.  MFB firefighters continue to remain on scene until this is completed.
No. of FIREFIGHTERS:​ approx. 30​

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