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Hair straightener, not barbecue, to blame for city high rise blaze

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15 Oct 2013
A hair straightener and overheated laptop have been blamed for an apartment fire in the city yesterday.

The blaze occurred just after 3.30pm on the 13th floor of a high rise apartment building on Franklin Street.

Firefighters initially believe the fire started in a BBQ on the balcony and spread into the interior of the flat. 

However further investigations by the MFB Fire Investigation Analysis team conducted overnight have determined an overheated laptop and hair straightener had been left switched on on a bed, causing the fire.

The installed sprinklers activated containing the fire until it was extinguished by fire crews.  The fire quickly brought under control. 

The apartment sustained fire and water damage, with apartments on the levels below also damaged by water.

An estimated 150 residents evacuated safely from the floors above and below the fire. 

The male resident was treated on scene for minor smoke inhalation by paramedics.

The damage bill is yet to be calculated.

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