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HART crews called in after glass falls from South Wharf high rise

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22 Jan 2020
MFB’s specialist High Angle Rescue Technician (HART) firefighters responded to South Wharf after glass fell from the side of a high rise building just before 3pm.

It is believed a pane of glass at the top of the building became loose in very gusty winds.

Crews quickly evacuated the area and set up an exclusion zone to ensure the safety of the community members below.

Initially firefighters made their way to the roof of the building and held the glass pane in place, before suction caps were applied to secure it.

Wind conditions worsened, making the complete removal of the pane more dangerous.

An exclusion zone remains in place below the building and glazier will attempt to remove the panel once conditions ease.

Thankfully there were no reports of injury.

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