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Gas leak at Mobil in Altona takes 11 hours to contain.

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12 Dec 2011
MFB crews along with specially trained staff from Mobil took 11 hours to contain the release of an LPG type of product at the Mobil Refinery in Altona.

DATE:​ December 11, 2011      
TIME: ​01:58
​CALL No.:​ 4983
The product was a mix of Propane and Butane which had accidentally been over-pressurised causing it to backfill into a tank that was not designed to hold it.  A cap on this tank blew off allowing an uncontrolled release of the volatile gasses into the atmosphere.
Water curtains and water monitors (powerful water jets) were set up to disperse the vapours.  An exclusion zone was initiated around the leak and regular atmospheric monitoring undertaken to ensure there had not been a build-up of gasses in any one location.   These measures ensured there was no danger to surrounding properties or the general public.
Following careful planning, a strategy was adopted for the diversion of the gasses into another vessel.  With that now completed, the remaining gas in the tank can be flared off over several hours and pose no further threat.

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