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Gas explosion in Smith Street, Collingwood

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28 Mar 2011
MFB was on scene at Pasha Turkish Restaurant in Smith Street, Collingwood this morning, investigating reports of a smell of gas when two small explosions occurred.


The restaurant was undergoing renovations at the time; three workers inside the building were injured in the explosion.

Fortunately, MFB firefighters were on scene when the explosion happened and were able to give immediate emergency medical assistance to those affected.

It’s believed one worker suffered serious burns to his back and airways while the others suffered minor injuries. Ambulance Victoria paramedics took over the medical care from MFB firefighters on their arrival.
A fire which occurred as a result of the explosion was quickly brought under control by 10.43am.
Gas and electricity supplies to the building have been isolated.

MFB fire investigators and WorkSafe officers were on scene this morning to investigate the cause of the explosion, and have found that the explosion was caused from a gas leak.

The workers had initially smelled the leaking gas and had been tampering with the gas main line into the kitchen to try to find the cause of the leak. By turning the main line off and on again, they actually added to the escaped gas, which exploded when another worker turned on an electric drill to cut some plaster.

A second explosion was triggered by residual fire from the first explosion coming into contact with another pocket of gas.

The explosions smashed the back windows of the building and also blew down part of a suspended ceiling.

Residents of apartments above the building were evacuated at the time, however have been allowed back into their homes.

During the incident Smith Street was closed between Johnston and Gertrude Streets for approximately 90 minutes, and has now reopened.

For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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