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Fireys rescue cat trapped in Brunswick washing machine

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05 Jan 2017
Harry the kitten has used up one of his lives after he was rescued from a washing machine in Brunswick.

The rescue cat was adopted by the Brunswick family just before Christmas and has been cheekily exploring their home ever since.

Yesterday morning the moggy snuck into the washing machine behind owner Lisa’s back and she turned it on without noticing.

“We were about to head out and we were looking for Harry and couldn’t find him anywhere,” the mum-of-three said.

“That’s when I realised I didn’t see him when I put the washing on and when I ran into the laundry I could see his face peering out at me through the soapy water.”

They quickly stopped the wash and rang Triple Zero, with firefighters from Brunswick D-shift racing to the rescue.

They used a crow bar to pry open the washing machine and put the soaking wet kitten back into his loving owners’ arms.

“He’s spent the night at the vet and is on a course of antibiotics but will make a full recovery,” Lisa said.

“We’ve since stuck animal stickers on every appliance in the house to make sure we always check Harry is safe before we use them.”

The family, which includes boys three, five and eight, thanked the firefighters for their lightning quick response.

“They were so great and managed to get Harry our safely and show our boys the fire truck,” Lisa said.

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