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Fireys rescue baby girl from locked car

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20 Feb 2015
A mother has praised the "wonderful" firefighters who rescued her two children from a locked car this morning.

MFB firefighters have rescued a baby girl and her three-year-old brother after they were accidently locked in a car in Brunswick East this morning.

The crew from Carlton Fire Station was called to Brunswick East just before 9.30am.

The distraught mum, Monica, had accidently left her keys in the car, locking in the two children.

Firefighters utilised a new piece of MFB equipment called the Holmatro Window Punch to quickly and easily shatter the window and free the kids.

The tool was added to all MFB fire trucks in November last year and has since been used successfully in dozens of calls.

Its spring mechanism allows fireys to break car windows in a controlled manner and reduces the risk of harm to the victim trapped inside the car and the firefighter.

It is also fitted with a seatbelt cutter, which can be utilised in motor vehicle accidents.

Monica thanked the firefighters for their speedy response.

Both children received a quick once over by Ambulance Victoria and were uninjured by the experience.

In 2014 MFB rescued 337 children from locked cars, the peak in Melbourne’s hottest month – February (38 rescues – more than one a day).

Never leave your children alone in or around cars and make sure you don’t let them play with your keys.

On a hot day it can take just seven minutes for the temperature inside a car to reach 40 degrees. On a 32-degree day, the temperature inside a car can soar to 75 degrees.

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