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Firefighting; a career choice for all

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09 Mar 2010
Coinciding with International Women’s Week, the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency ServicesBoard (MFB) today launched its Gender Inclusion Action Plan 2010-2013, which showcases the organisation’s commitment to becoming an employer of choice for women.

The plan aims to deliver an inclusive, accessible organisation that delivers inclusive and accessible services. The plan lists 45 actions endorsed by the MFB Board and was launched at the MCG earlier today by Danielle Green, Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services.

“We currently have 1737 firefighters, of which 56 are female. That equates to 3.1 per cent of our operational workforce. With this new plan in plan in place, we’d like to reduce that gap,” said Ken Latta, MFB Chief Executive Officer and Chief Officer.

“This is about the MFB making a commitment to promoting firefighting and the MFB as a career choice that perhaps many women haven’t considered before. It’s simply about opening up possibilities for females in the Brigade.

“It’s important to also note that the recruiting process and entry standards remain the same for both male and female applicants, so the competency and ability of our firefighters will always stay at the highest standard.”

To celebrate the launch, a community partnership between the MFB and the Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL) was also announced. The MFB will sponsor a Gender Equity Cup to be played on Mother’s Day, Sunday 9 May.

“We’re very excited to form this community partnership with the MFB, who are an integral part of our community. Like the MFB, the VWFL is encouraging women to explore options that have previously been dominated by male participation,” said Debbie Lee, President of the Victorian Women’s Football League.

“This partnership will provide us with support to provide football opportunities for women, while also offering our members the chance to consider a career in the MFB; an occupation they may not have considered previously.'

The first female firefighters were recruited to the MFB in 1988.

For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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