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Firefighters will battle tyre fire overnight

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11 Jan 2016
MFB is continuing to battle an out of control fire at a Broadmeadows tyre pile.

An out of control fire at a Broadmeadows junk yard has now burned through about 70 per cent of the tyre pile, the equivalent of almost 150,000 tyres.
The fire is deep seated within the tyre pile and crews are continuing to attempt to extinguish the blaze using foam.
The fire began shortly before 9am at the Tyre Crumb yard on Maygar Avenue.
More than 100 firefighters have been on scene today, with approximately 70 to remain on scene overnight.
Two helitac aircraft (Elsie and Gypsy Lady) have been dropping foam and water on the blaze for the past five hours – this had a dramatic impact on reducing the spread of the blaze. They have now withdrawn following reported storm conditions but may redeploy later.
During the period of their deployment, firefighters were putting 10,000 litres of water on the blaze every minute.
There is a large multi-agency presence at the fire, including firefighters from MFB, CFA, Melbourne Airport Firefighters who responded with two trucks, Victoria Police, State Emergency Service, Department of Health and Human Services and more.
Ambulance Victoria is also on scene to provide medical advice and the large smoke plume is being monitored by scientific advisors. EPA are currently managing water run-off and working to limit the impact on the environment.
The impact on the local community is limited but MFB is urging motorists not to stop on the busy freeways to take photos as this is causing concerns for Victoria Police who are managing traffic.
Crews are likely to remain on scene for the next 24 to 36 hours.
MFB reminds everyone to visit for updates on conditions throughout the night.

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