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Firefighters rescue teen who fell through rotten wharf at Docklands

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14 Jul 2015
MFB firefighters performed a daring water rescue after a man fell through a rotted wharf at Docklands overnight.

Crews were called to North Wharf Road at 5.45pm on Monday 13 July.

The wharf area was in extreme disrepair with large holes visible from the surface.  A 19-year-old man had been walking along one of these sections and fallen through a condemned section of wharf, landing in the water below.

The man’s father told firefighters his son was not a strong swimmer and would need urgent assistance.

The scene was particularly dangerous for crews to access and they did not want to risk falling through the wharf as the patient had.

Crews threw a rope line and a life vest to the man so as to secure his safety and called for MFB’s Water Access Pod, which brought marine rescue equipment and personal floatation devices for all at the scene.

Fireboat 1 was also deployed to the incident.

Torch lights were directed towards the trapped man providing sufficient light in highlighting dangers and collapsed boards.

Wearing wetsuits, two firefighters rescued the man by crawling beneath the wharf.

He was finally freed at 6.25pm, after about an hour in the water, very fatigued and cold.

Ambulance Victoria paramedics were waiting on scene to treat the man once he was back on dry land.

Commander John Rampling has praised the efforts of all firefighters involved.

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