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Firefighters rescue man from under his house.

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29 Mar 2012
Firefighters performed a difficult rescue yesterday afternoon after a man became wedged under his Richmond house.

The 66-year-old man was looking to renovate his bathroom, and had crawled under the house to check the plumbing.

He quickly became trapped and his wife rang triple zero for assistance at 3:45pm.
The distance between the ground and the bottom of the house was just 30 centimetres (about one foot) and the man was wedged tightly between the earth and a beam.

When fire crews arrived on scene, Leading Firefighter Chris Trevean volunteered to crawl in and dig him out and an Ambulance Victoria paramedic later assisted him and monitored the man’s condition.

The pair used several tools to dig a trench so the man could be pulled out.
In the meantime, firefighters moved furniture and ripped up the carpet in the lounge room and were prepared to break through the floorboards to get the man out if he became distressed – however this was not necessary.

“Chris and Erin (the paramedic) did a great job in keeping the man calm and helping to dig him out,” Station Officer Mick Falzon said.

“It was a long time they were under there in cramped conditions, almost an hour-and-a-half, but he was very happy when they managed to get him out.”

SO Falzon said the man was shaking and sweaty when he got out, but very relieved.
The man was taken by ambulance to St Vincent’s Hospital to be checked out.

The rescue unit from West Melbourne fire station attended, along with the teleboom from Richmond fire station.

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