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Firefighters pick up Chinatown chick

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17 Mar 2011
Firefighters from East Melbourne fire station picked up a chick this morning, rescuing it from a tree in Melbourne’s Chinatown.

Following reports that the chicken and bystanders were distressed, the crew arrived on scene just before 11am to find the chicken stuck three storeys high.

Senior Station Officer Mark Carter wisely advised the senior members of his crew to stand back (to avoid bird poo), while Firefighter Julian Phillipe gave the tree a shake to coax the chicken down.

Unable to locate an owner, the crew returned to station with the chicken, where it was inspected by an animal welfare officer and found to be in good health despite some fleas.

Nicknamed ‘Lucky’, the chicken has already been adopted; Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) call taker Angelique had been listening to the unusual radio call and volunteered to take Lucky home to live on her farm.

It might be unusual, but it’s all in a day’s work!

For further enquiries and contact:
MFB Communications and Media  9665 4699s

A photo of the crew with the chicken is also available on request.


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