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Firefighters heroic rescue of woman from her smoke-filled unit

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16 Sep 2014
Firefighters had to break down the front door to rescue a woman trapped in her bedroom after a small fire in her kitchen filled her unit with smoke.

Three fire crews were called to the Kooyong Road, Armadale, incident.

The 43 year old woman was woken by her smoke alarm about 12.30am but could not get out because the smoke was too thick.

She was coughing uncontrollably but was still able to dial triple-0 and ask for the fire brigade.   The ESTA call-taker quickly took her details and also notified Ambulance Victoria to attend. 

Firefighters arrived on scene in less than five minutes and made forced entry to the unit.  The woman was quickly located and helped outside to waiting paramedics who treated her for mild smoke inhalation.  MFB crews then conducted a thorough search of the unit to ensure she was the sole occupant. 

The fire had started in the kitchen and took only 15 minutes to extinguish.  Smoke had also filled all three levels of the stairwell nearest to her unit and fire crews spent the next hour removing the smoke.  Residents from other units adjoining this staircase were evacuated whilst this work was carried out.

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