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Firefighters’ Union GPS claims disingenuous and misleading

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20 Dec 2013
The MFB has dismissed the UFU’s public statements today regarding GPS tracking as disingenuous, misleading and without basis in fact.

“Contrary to their public statements, the UFU have consistently objected to the implementation of a GPS system that would have allowed us to track where our firefighters are on the fire ground,” said Deputy Chief Officer David Youssef. 

“Only this morning, we gave them an acceptable solution to implement the GPS tracking component of what is a world-class, best practice system.

“Had they agreed to it, we would have had the system up and running tomorrow.

“MFB is ready, willing and able to put GPS tracking in place now, in time for the summer fire season. For the UFU to attempt to relate this to budget cuts is untrue and irresponsible.

“The UFU is attempting to policitise this in accordance with its own agenda, when the real issue is firefighter safety.

“We can only conclude that the Union is not serious about the safety of firefighters.”

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