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Firefighter anger over vandal attack.

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09 Jul 2012
MFB firefighters are calling on the public to contact Crime Stoppers with any information they have about a vandal attack on a moving fire brigade truck that left it with a smashed window.

Firefighters from Sunshine Station had just left on a call at 21:40 hours on Saturday night. As they were driving along McIntyre Road, Sunshine just a minute later, an occupant in an oncoming car threw a bag of flour at the truck, smashing the windscreen.

No-one was injured but the truck was not able to complete its mission to douse furniture burning on a footpath in a nearby St Albans street. Other units were called to successfully complete that job.
“I am extremely concerned by the news that a crew and one of our trucks was attacked in a dangerous act of vandalism. Pumper 44 had just turned out of the station and the crew was proceeding under lights and sirens still in McIntyre Road, Sunshine, when an oncoming vehicle on the other side of the street threw what is believed to be a bag of flour at their windscreen,” said MFB Chief Executive Officer, Nick Easy.

“Thankfully no one was injured, however the windscreen was badly damaged putting the appliance out of service until repairs could be made.

“I utterly condemn this act of violence against MFB staff in the conduct of their duty to safeguard the people of Melbourne. And while it is a rare act it should not happen at all.  The matter has been referred to police for investigation. MFB is asking for members of the public to provide information through Crime Stoppers.

“There has been an increase in penalties for people found to be involved in impeding emergency service workers as they go about their vital work and they should be fully utilised in this matter if the perpetrators are found.”

For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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