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Fire investigators to investigate cause of Meadow Heights house fire

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08 May 2014
A couple was lucky to escape a fire in their Meadow Heights home overnight.

The occupants of the four-bedroom brick veneer house on Mia Place were woken up by passer-bys banging on their front door.  The couple safely evacuated their home.

Fire crews were called to the scene at 4.20am.

Flames were issuing from the roof and the entire roof space including the attached garage roof space was involved.

MFB firefighters were able to stop the spread of fire entering the living areas; however some smoke, water, and heat damage has occurred.  The fire took 45 minutes to bring under control.

The council building surveyor has been asked to attend to check the structural integrity of the building due to the substantial roof collapse.  MFB firefighters will remain on scene throughout the morning to continue fire duties.

MFB Fire Investigators will be attending this morning to determine the cause which is currently undetermined.


No. of FIREFIGHTERS: approx. 25 

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