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Fire destroys historic rail carriages

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08 Aug 2015
Historic rail carriages have been destroyed in a fire at the Newport Rail Workshops early this morning.

Firefighters were called to the Champion Road depot about 2am.
The fire involved old rail carriages inside a 100m long timber-framed, iron clad shed at the Newport Rail Workshops.  
The building was one of three adjacent sheds where decommissioned rail cars and historic rolling stock were being stored.
The intense heat set roofing timbers alight with flames at one stage running almost the entire length of the building and later resulting in a partial roof collapse.  
The fire took almost two hours to bring under control.
The damage bill has been difficult to estimate as much of the damaged rail stock had more historic and emotional attachment rather than pecuniary value.
The cause has yet to be determined and investigators will attend this morning.

Pumpers: 7
Rescue Units: 1
Other units: 1 (BA unit)


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