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Fire destroys Balwyn home

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12 Jul 2014
Victoria Police are investigating a house fire in Balwyn.

The fire involved a single-storey brick dwelling with a basement located under the rear part of the house.

Crews were called to the blaze on Saturday 12 July just before 10am.

The premises had been vacant for some time and was boarded up.  Solar panels were fitted to the roof and crews initially had difficulty isolating the power.  It's believed the house may have been previously used as a drug lab.

The house suffered extensive damage with every room and most of the roof structure destroyed.  A neighbouring property came under threat from the intense heat but was saved by diligent work from the first fire crews to arrive on scene. 

The damage bill is substantial and has been estimated at $700,000.  The fire took almost 45 minutes to bring under control and the cause was found to be overloaded wiring throughout the house.

Victoria Police are investigating.

Pumpers: 4
Rescue Units: 1
Aerial units: 1
Other units: 1


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