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Expression of Interest Called for MFB Marine Response Project.

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05 Apr 2012
As part of the project to build MFB’s Marine capacity, MFB has advertised for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from organisations to manufacture, supply and deliver to MFB’s specifications, two vessels. The EoI also allows a lease option.

MFB Chief Fire Officer Shane Wright said the EoI closes on 9 May and encouraged applications from organisations with the capability to build or source vessels to meet the MFB’s specifications.

CFO Wright said MFB was building its marine fire fighting capacity under a $10million project which included the procurement of the two vessels as well as training and equipping specialist shipboard firefighters.

“Even when we have successfully obtained these vessels and gone through the training and equipment process, which should take about 12 months, boat owners still need to understand their role in managing their own fire risk,” said CFO Wright.

“MFB has been working with Transport Safety Victoria to help build a more resilient boating community which better understands the realities of fighting fires aboard vessels.

“Fires occur on recreational vessels around fuel tanks and electrical wiring. On larger recreational vessels they could occur in galleys or engine compartments as well.

“Fires spread quickly so boat owners need to have their own form of fire fighting capacity with good prevention practices and access to an appropriate extinguisher.

“MFB firefighters will fight fires from the water or land, but managing fires aboard vessels, is often going to be about protecting life primarily though often it will be about limiting or mitigating damage to the vessel itself and stopping any spread.”

Details of the EoI are available at

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