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Explosion at Thai restaurant, caused by pest control bombs.

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23 Jul 2012
An employee received minor cuts to his right arm following an explosion in a Thai restaurant on Sunday morning.

The explosion at the restaurant in Lonsdale St Melbourne occurred just before 1am after staff set off up to 11 pest control bombs. 

The explosion tore a back door completely off its hinges and blew out a second floor window, spraying glass onto the footpath and roadway below. 

An internal wall was also damaged but fortunately, no other persons were hurt.  It appears that a spark from a refrigerator may have ignited the flammable vapours. 

The MFB would like to warn anyone planning the use of pest control bombs that the vapours may be highly flammable and that all safety precautions as set out on the side of the can should be followed.  In particular, shut off all electrical appliances, including lights and refrigerators and extinguish all pilot lights and naked flames to eliminate any source of ignition.


Details of Fire/Incident
Address: Lonsdale St Melbourne
Date: July 22, 2012 
Time: 00:50 hours     
Call Number:  6466

Attending Appliances:  
Pumpers: 5
Rescue Units: 1
Aerial Units: 1
Breathing Apparatus Support:1

Number of firefighters: 21

Officer in charge: Senior Station Officer – Alex Adamopoulos

For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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