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Exploding mouse sets fire to factory

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06 Feb 2013
A blaze at a Tottenham factory overnight was started by a fault in a computer mouse.

In one of the more unusual ways for a fire to begin, a blaze at a Tottenham factory last night was started by a fault in a computer mouse. An MFB fire investigator has concluded that a loose connection in the battery terminals of the wireless mouse caused one or both batteries to overheat and explode setting fire to nearby papers and a desk.


Three fire trucks and 12 firefighters arrived at the Sara Grove address shortly before 10 pm and found the two-storey building completely smoke-logged. Before entering the building, firefighters donned breathing apparatus and soon located the fire in an office area. Once extinguished, it took a further hour to clear all of the smoke from the premises.


Smoke and fire damage to the spray equipment distribution business has been estimated at between $10,000 and $15,000.

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