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Elderly lady rescued for unit fire in Fitzroy North.

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26 Nov 2012
A frail elderly female was rescued from her smoke filled unit by MFB firefighters this morning.

Arriving on scene, MFB Firefighters found the bedroom and laundry well alight and the unit smoke filled.   The unit was extremely heavily laden with storage items and bric-a- brac, making access very difficult for firefighters (wearing breathing apparatus), who were searching for the missing lady.  
She was found on an outside balcony where firefighters remained with her until the fire was controlled enough to assist her outside to safety. 
The top level unit was one of 24 units in a brick two storey block.  Two units below have suffered severe flooding and alternate accommodation is being sourced for one of the occupants.
The rescued lady has been taken to hospital with smoke inhalation, and was extremely lucky to have not suffered further injuries.  
The cause will be investigated by MFB Specialist Fire Investigators in the morning.
Approximately 15 firefighters attended.

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