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Dramatic rescue of woman from RACV Club lift

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30 Jan 2017
A woman had to be harnessed to escape a stalled lift in the CBD today.

MFB firefighters were called to the RACV Club on Bourke Street at 2.30pm today after a woman became trapped in a lift between the first and second floors after a frayed lift cable became entangled in a winch pulley.

The damaged cable was jammed inside the pulley preventing the lift from being moved in either direction.

The only way to reach the trapped lady was for MFB High Angle Response (HART) crews to rappel ten storeys down inside the lift shaft to the stranded elevator.

Once atop the lift, crews then made access into the lift and lowered in a ladder for the woman to climb out on. 

She was placed into a safety harness and lifted across and into an adjacent lift where she was brought down to the ground floor just before 4pm.

Upon her release, the woman was assessed by Ambulance Victoria and although she had suffered an understandably high level of anxiety while stuck in the lift for more than 1½ hours, she was otherwise unharmed by the ordeal. 


Pumpers: 3
Other units: 1 (HART pod equipped with ropes and rappelling equipment)


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