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Discarded cigarette causes chaos in CBD

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12 Dec 2016
A discarded cigarette butt has been identified as the cause of a fire which ripped through a CBD apartment block this afternoon.

Crews were called to the 20 storey complex on Flinders St just after 3pm and arrived to find smoke billowing from a balcony on the sixth floor.
Firefighters and police evacuated approximately 200 residents from inside the complex as a safety precaution, including one man who was inside the apartment at the time.
Crews swiftly contained and extinguished the blaze and no one was injured.
MFB fire investigators have investigated the incident and determined that the fire was sparked by a discarded cigarette.
A number of items were stored on the balcony, which helped fuel the flames.
MFB urges community members to ensure cigarette butts are disposed of appropriately in heavy, high-sided ashtrays to prevent them from tipping over.
Ensure they are properly extinguished and when discarding, be aware of windy weather which may deposit smouldering butts where they can catch fire.
Keep balconies and other areas of the home free from objects and clutter.
For more information on home fire safety, download MFB and CFA's home fire safety booklet on our website

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