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Diesel spill at MFB

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09 Dec 2011
Diesel leak at MFB HQ - clean up continues

MFB has maintained normal emergency services despite having to temporarily shut down its headquarters at Eastern Hill in East Melbourne. 

A rooftop 500 litre diesel tank used to fuel back-up power generators, leaked fuel flooding a large section of the complex. Workers are not being allowed in to the offices as an OH&S precaution and fire trucks have been redirected to nearbye stations to ensure any emergency calls are properly managed.
"MFB Scientific Officers inspected the damage and advised of lingering though reducing levels of diesel fumes making the shutdown the only sensible solution," said MFB CEO Nick Easy.
"We have immediately put in place plans for an emergency shutdown and while there will be some inconvenience for mainly our corporate staff, firefighters will continue to provide the same excellent standard of service to the community with no interruption."
Mr Easy said the clean up and assessment process would continue and he hoped to have the offices back to normal over the weekend.

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