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Crown Complex incident

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29 Jul 2010
At the request of Crown Security MFB firefighters attended the Promenade area at Crown to find a person trapped in ducting above a restaurant.

The 25-year-old male, was in the ducting/extraction system approximately two metres from a manhole in the restaurant on the ground floor. The ducting was steel, approximately 1 m x 0.5m metres and travelled from the roof area to service various restaurants, etc. It appears that the male illegally gained access to a duct via a stairwell near the roof at about 2300 hours yesterday. 

He had traversed the duct for about 30 metres which was covered in grease and fat. It was when restaurant staff opened that they heard noises, investigated and the discovery was made.

The MFB specialist Urban Search and Rescue Pod and operators attended the call. Combined with their expertise, MFB Firefighters, placed an ambulance officer in disposable overalls, safety harness with a rope line attached, into the ducting. This was  to establish his medical condition and if he was also able, to retrieve the occupant. Covered in grease and fat the male was rescued without any apparent major injuries and was taken to hospital by Ambulance Victoria.

Commander Garrard said it was a great result for our firefighters and commended the efforts of all involved.

TIME: 10:04
CALL NO.: 8169
OFFICER-IN-CHARGE: Commander Wayne Garrard
ORIGINATOR: MFB Communications Controller – Heather Stockton
For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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