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Crane collapse in St Kilda Road

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23 Feb 2016
Firefighters remain on scene at the St Kilda Road crane collapse following a fire.

A crane has collapsed on St Kilda Road after a fire spread from the cabin onto the gantry.

Firefighters were called to the blaze at 3.15pm, at which stage the fire was contained to the motor.

The crane was erected as part of a construction site, with a new apartment “the Parque” building being built alongside The Village restaurant.

Just before 5pm as winds increased, the fire spread, causing a cable to snap and the boom collapse to the ground. The impact damaged cars parked below on Moubray Street.

Luckily no workers or firefighters were injured as the boom collapsed.

Victoria Police worked to evacuate the area and all traffic and trams were stopped along St Kilda Road.

The emergency response was escalated, and at one point 16 fire trucks were on scene.

About 6pm trams were allowed to recommence passage along St Kilda Road at a reduced pace.

MFB has used an aerial appliance to continue to put water on the fire from above.

The fire is now contained but thermal imaging cameras will be used to detect any hto spots.

Fire investigators will attend the scene and firefighters are expected to remain on site for many hours.

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