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Clothes hanging on sprinkler system causes flooding of CBD apartments

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08 May 2014
Almost 150 residents had to be evacuated after a damaged sprinkler system activated overnight.

Fire crews believe the sprinkler system had been inappropriately used for hanging clothes on.

As a result the sprinkler system actviated, causing substantial flooding to the 10 storey apartment building in Swanston Street.

Fire crews were called to the Arrow Head Apartments in Carlton at 9.22pm.

Approximately 150 people were evacuated from the premises before the arrival of the MFB. 

A large flooding on the ninth floor occurred and consequently created flooding all the way down to the third. significant damage occurred on the seventh and eighth floors.

Power was isolated for safety precautions and an electrician checked the integrity of the wiring before reinstating the power.

Police are assisting in returning people to their apartments as the situation improves.

MFB firefighters have mopped up surplus water and a private company is being organised by the owner to continue the clean-up operation.

Three rooms have been deemed uninhabitable and those residents have been relocated to a nearby motel.


No. of FIREFIGHTERS: approx. 14 

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