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Chemical spill forces evacuation of Tullamarine factory

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11 Jun 2013
A chemical spill of up to 400 litres of a product called Geniosil XL10 occurred this afternoon in the Geodis Wilson warehouse.

MFB crews were called to the factory on Saligna Srive in Tullamarine at 12.20pm.

The two tanks storing the products were accidentally punctured by a forklift.

25 workers were evacuated from the premises prior to MFB arrival and no injuries have been reported.

In consultation with the MFB Scientific Officer, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, investigated the spill and using specialist equipment monitored the vapours from the substance.

Once analysed, MFB fire-fighters placed absorbent material on the spill and are still continuing to place the product into recovery drums.  The hazardous incident took over 2 hours to bring under control.

The process is a time consuming one and fire crews are expected to actively remain on scene until early evening.

Geniuses XL10 is believed to be used in the adhesive manufacturing process.

There are 10 appliances and approximately 30 firefighters on scene.

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