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CFA & MFB urge all Victorians to ring in 2018 safely

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29 Dec 2017
CFA and MFB are warning people against using illegal fireworks and firecrackers this New Year’s Eve, as many people prepare to ring in 2018 outdoors.

While many people see illegal fireworks as an innocent celebration, they can cause serious issues for fire services.

Between November 2016 and March this year, MFB firefighters responded to 21 emergency call outs for firework related incidents and CFA firefighters attended over 60 fires caused by the use of illegal fireworks.

MFB Acting Chief Officer David Bruce said the few seconds of fun to be had is not worth the risk.

“Fireworks can be unpredictable and pose a significant danger to both the community and firefighters,” Mr Bruce said.

“The consequences can be severe and include death and destruction of property.”

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said fires caused by the illegal use of fireworks are preventable and tie up valuable emergency services resources.

“While we do everything we can, we look to those in the community to use common sense, take responsibility for preventing fires and keeping themselves safe over the festive season,” Mr Warrington said.

“The community should enjoy the New Year with family and friends, but safety should remain the highest priority.”

MFB and CFA are encouraging people to attend the many free and legal fireworks displays being held across the state over the New Year.

In the event that a Total Fire Ban is declared, fire authorities will work with official permitted fireworks events to ensure they can proceed.

If you wish to inform authorities of illegal fireworks activities, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Celebrate safely checklist:
  • If you’re firing up the BBQ make sure you give your BBQ a once-over. Check to see that there are no loose connections or damages to the gas cylinders.
  • If you’re travelling, camping or staying home, be aware of your surroundings, be prepared and know where to access emergency information.
  • Look after your pets, especially on New Year’s Eve as loud noise can spook your animals and cause distress.
  • Look out for your neighbours and other vulnerable members of your community.
  • Take care of yourselves, your family and your friends and have a happy and safe New Year.


Media contacts: 

CFA Media: 1300 232 63342 or 
MFB Media: 9665 4699 or

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