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Altona power outage impacts Mobil Refinery

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17 May 2010
A major power outage in Altona around 8.30pm last night caused operations at Mobil Refinery to go into safe mode, triggering refinery flare stacks into a burn off process.

A number of triple zero calls were received from local residents reporting a large fire and explosions at the refinery.

MFB responded four trucks and 16 firefighters to the incident.

Liaising with the Mobil site manager, MFB firefighters found that there was no fire, instead that a power outage had triggered an emergency safety alert at the plant.

This set off the flare stacks in to a burn off process (to burn off excess gas and protect refinery equipment) that was causing the large flames.

Power company workers found the cause of the power outage to be a nearby high voltage transmission line that had blown out.

Large amounts of smoke from the burn-off were also of concern to residents; these were monitored by MFB and referred to the Environmental Protection Authority.

The incident was declared under control by MFB at 9.57pm.


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