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Albion house fire May 2015

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11 May 2015
A man suffered burns to his legs in a cooking accident which ignited the fire in Bruce St, Albion at 10.33am today.

The man had been cooking with fat when it caught fire.  To stop the fire spreading he attempted to carry the pot of burning fat outside, however he spilt the fat on his legs and floor.
The fire quickly took hold, from the burning fat spilt in the hallway, and extended into the roof structure.  Quick action from firefighters brought the house fire under control in 22 minutes.
The male was treated on scene for serious burns to his legs and was then transported to hospital by ambulance.
This fire demonstrates the importance of having a fire blanket in the kitchen which could have safely extyinguished the burning fat while in the pot.

Pumpers:      4
Aerials:         1
Rescue Unit: 1
Other units:  2

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