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Acid spill forces road closures in South Yarra

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29 Oct 2015
The MFB are in attendance at hazardous chemicals incident in South Yarra.

Crews were called to Alexandra Avenue just after 9pm when a truck carrying drums of what is thought to be Phosphoric Acid has hit the rail bridge and some of the drums integrity may have been compromised.
Crews in splash suits and breathing apparatus are assessing the load to see the extent of the leak and appropriate action will then be taken to clean up the spill and make it safe.
Specialist Hazmat crews are in attendance including our Scientific Officer.
There was no one injured in the accident, however the truck has sustained substantial damage and is wedged under the bridge.
Alexandra Avenue has been closed around the incident. 
UPDATE 11:30pm:
The truck was carrying mixed chemicals and only one 1000 litre container of the Phosphoric Acid and this has not been compromised.
Crews in splash suits and breathing apparatus have assessed the load and found the leak to be a non toxic graphite lubricant – Liquid Boron, of which approximately 20 litres has been spilt.
Crews are now in the clean up stage and the transport company is sending another truck and forklift to transfer the load.
The road will remain closed until the load has been transferred and the truck removed from under the bridge.

Pumpers: 7
Specialist: 3              
Others: 5 


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