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A statement from MFB's Chief Officer/Chief Executive Officer

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20 Jul 2018
Good morning to you all, I am writing to let you know that I have recently received seven infringement notices for speeding.

The infringement notices relate to the period up to the end of June 2018 during my first four weeks in the country. I received the first notification in early July. All of the speeding infringements occurred on the M1 Freeway. 

I do not know the total number of demerit points at this stage and am waiting on advice from Victoria Police. 

As soon as I realised I immediately contacted Vic Roads for verification and brought the matter to the attention of the MFB Board and Victoria Police. 

It is my understanding that I will not lose my licence however I will be fined which I accept completely.

The speed limit is higher in the UK on motorways (freeways) at 70MPH/112.6KMH however I take full responsibility for my actions and there are no excuses. I have a twenty eight year unblemished driving record in the UK and am mortified that this has occurred.

Speeding is wrong. I have attended enough motor vehicle incidents to know that. My actions have fallen well short of what is expected of me and I offer all of you my sincere apologies. I am in a position of responsibility and I’m very disappointed in myself. I feel that I have let you down and for that I am truly sorry.  

Dan Stephens

Chief Officer/Chief Executive Officer


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