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2016 Special Recognition Awards announced

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14 Nov 2016
Congratulations to all Special Recognition Award recipients presented on Sunday.

Yesterday MFB’s tenth annual Long and Good Service Awards were held at the MCG.

MFB celebrated more than 1000 combined years of service, the presentation of academic awards and the announcement of this year’s Special Recognition Awards.

CEO’s Safety Award: The Peer Support Group

This award is open to individuals or teams in recognition of notable, outstanding demonstration of working positively to build the culture, innovation, leadership or peer intervention that builds the foundation of MFB safety.

The Peer Support program has been running for about 50 years and started with only a handful of staff. Over the years the program has grown in size and spirit as the need has grown.

There are now 73 staff volunteering their time to help others in the organisation and their families. The peers provide that first point of contact and short term assistance for help, 24 hours a day all year round.

The Peers provide education on stress, coping and support services, assist employees and their immediate family members to access professional counselling or health and welfare services.

Above: A group of MFB Peers receive the CEO Safety Award on behalf of the program.


CEO Special Recognition Award: Fleet Services Department (highly commended)

The CEO Special Recognition Award recognises an individual or team award for excellence in leadership, team work, outstanding community service, innovation or continuous improvement.

The Fleet Services team has made a number of impressive improvements at the Thornbury Workshop which are a tribute to the dedication of staff to improve safety processes and performance standards.

The team has implemented the 5S method of continual improvement and strengthened leadership and engagement with staff to creative a more positive and outcome driven workplace.

Some key highlights include:

  • Lifting the overall operational fleet availability from 76% to 83%
  • Better staff engagement
  • A drop of 30% in unplanned leave
  • A reduction in lost time injuries to a level well below the rest of the organisation
  • Process improvements to overtime and petty cash

All these improvements are the combined efforts of the entire department and this award recognises the team effort that has delivered these results.

Above: Jimmy Thai from Fleet Services (Thornbury) with CEO Jim Higgins


CEO Special Recognition Award: MFB Tunnel Safety Team (winner)

Lead by Senior Station Officer Colin Rose, this team also includes Christine Iliaskos and Tony O'Meagher.

Colin led the Fire Safety Directorate team in the development and formulation of a safe working environment for emergency workers and the community within the new Metro Rail Tunnel.

The team has had to develop expertise and a sound working knowledge of relevant standards and operating procedures relating to rail tunnels and has sought advice from all over the world, including London, Sydney and Perth.

MFB’s involvement in the tunnel’s development ensures firefighter safety is considered throughout the design process and some of the wins the team has achieved in the design process include - adequate access and egress provisions, the provision and access to appropriate fire water and an adequate smoke management system within the tunnels.

Colin has shown great leadership and dedication his work and the team is not only involved in the tunnel project, but is leading the way in firefighter intervention in developing fire safety guidelines.


Above: SSO Colin Rose and Tony O'Meagher receive the Special Recognition Award from CEO Jim Higgins.

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