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2016 Chief Officer's Scholarship winner announced

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14 Nov 2016
This year's recipient will investigate PPE resistance to super aggressive and skin permeable chemicals.

The Chief’s Scholarship is a unique opportunity for an operational staff member to expand their skill set, complete a research or study project, and make a positive impact on the organisation and the sector.

"At MFB we are fortunate to have very skilled and very passionate staff across a broad range of topics. Since the scholarship was first presented in 2013 the quality and depth of research put into the applications and reports by scholarship recipients has been very impressive," A/Chief Officer Paul Stacchino.

These include hazmat and breathing apparatus research, a study into using unmanned aerial vehicles at major fires and incidents, and a project investigating how a high performing and highly regarded emergency services provider such as the MFB can contribute to the elimination of violence against women (and children) in our communities.

Yesterday A/Chief Officer Paul Stacchino announced the recipient of the 2016 Chief Officer's Scholarship is Station Officer Stephane Victor.

Station Officer Victor is a Hazmat Unit Officer in the Technical Operations Department and has taken an active interest in the impact of chemicals capable of permeating or degrading our current PPE, including Level A and B suits, which could result in serious injury or possible death to first responders.

He has already conducted significant research and interviews with Australian response agencies, PPE distributors and other stakeholders. 

The Chief Officer’s Scholarship will allow him to travel and further his knowledge base by tapping into the experience of other agencies, specialists and manufacturers from overseas who have dealt with incidents that the MFB has yet to deal with. 

His study tour will take in station visits and meetings in South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and France.

Station Officer Victor will then bring this valuable information back to the Victorian emergency services sector and provide recommendations to reduce the risk and overall consequence to responders and the community.

Above: Station Officer Stephane Victor with A/Chief Officer Paul Stacchino.

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