Smoking Ceremonies

MFB works closely with all community groups to ensure that ceremonial fires are used safely and meet the requirements of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Act 1958 Section 40.

Total fire ban days

On declared Total Fire Ban days, a permit may be granted to light a fire if the fire is necessary for the purpose of carrying on the works of a:

• community charitable organisation
• municipal council
• ctatutory corporation
• industrial operation or trade
• public entertainment

Non fire ban days

On all days where no Total Fire Ban has been declared, contact your local municipal council to ensure you comply with by-laws when planning a smoking ceremony or ceremonial fire.

Smoking and ceremonial fires safety

Unless there are exceptional circumstances a permit may not be granted and a smoking ceremony or ceremonial fire may need to be postponed.

The below advice should be followed for all ceremonial fires in the open air.

  • Always keep a three metre clear area around the fire.
  • Only use natural dry wood.
  • Never use petrol or other chemicals to light a fire.
  • Don’t put items such as plastic or glass into a fire.
  • Supervise a fire at all times, don’t walk away.
  • Always supervise children around fires.
  • Extinguish wood fires with water.
  • Ensure a fire is cold before leaving.

To apply for a permit contact the local MFB district office closest to the site where the ceremony is to be held.

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The Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC) recommends monthly testing of smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

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