Fire Ed for Preps

Fire Ed for Preps it is a fire safety education program for children in prep grade primary school children.

The program, which is delivered by firefighters at the school, helps children develop a basic understanding of fire safety and to view firefighters as community helpers.

Over two school visits, with associated take home work for families, firefighters will address the following key areas:

  • firefighters are our friends
  • fires are good/safe or bad/unsafe
  • good/safe fires always have an adult in charge
  • smoke alarms alert us to the presence of smoke and fire
  • crawl down low and go, go, go when evacuating a smoke-filled room
  • stop, drop, cover, roll if your clothes are on fire
  • every family needs to identify a safe meeting place
  • the number to phone for emergency help is 000.

Each year the program is delivered to more than 600 schools in the metropolitan district.

Variations of the program are delivered for children with special needs and children who are new arrivals to Australia.

For more information please email . 

Fire Ed for Upper Primary

Fire Ed for Upper Primary can be delivered to Grade 5 and 6 composite classes.

The process commences with firefighters delivering their lesson to students, incorporating information about home fire safety, fire science (the fire triangle) and the role of firefighters.

Firefighters use resources including DVDs, posters and a new three dimensional model of the fire triangle.

To complement this session, schools are also provided with a package containing some current MFB information as well as family and teacher survey forms.

Following the firefighters’ visit, teachers continue the process by developing a unit of work for their class using teacher resource materials and class sets of student resource books provided by MFB.

The teacher resource materials include teacher manuals and over 80 task cards covering the topics of:

  • fire safety
  • fire science
  • hazard identification
  • evacuation
  • first aid
  • roles of firefighters.
For further general information please contact the Community Resilience Department on (03) 9665 4464 or

Bushfire Education

The Bushfire Education website was established by the Victorian Government as part of the response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. It provides teaching and learning resources to support bushfire education for early childhood settings, primary and secondary schools, based on the four themes of learning about, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from bushfires.

Aligned to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and the Victorian Curriculum F-10, the Bushfire Education website offers teaching and learning activities for:

  • Early Years (Early childhood setting)
  • Lower primary school (Prep-Year 3)
  • Mid - upper primary school (Years 4-6)
  • Secondary school (Years 7-10)

The Bushfire Education website was developed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) with assistance from the Country Fire Authority (Victoria), Emergency Management Australia, and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Melbourne).

For more information visit:

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The Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC) recommends monthly testing of smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

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Only working Smoke Alarms save lives.

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