How you can get involved in Fire Action Week

How you can get involved in Fire Action Week

The fire season is only weeks away and Victoria is facing another summer where extreme conditions are expected.

All of Victoria is at risk of fire, even those who live in the city.

Fire Action Week (October 11- 18, 2009) is time to focus on preparing for the season ahead.

No one in Victoria – no matter where they live or what their fire experience has been – can afford to be complacent. Individuals and householders have a key role to play in the fire preparation effort.

Top 10 bushfire planning tips:

1. Understand the environment in which you live – is your house surrounded by or near bush, grass or coastal scrub?

2. Assess whether your home has sufficient defendable space by using the CFA Household Bushfire Self-Assessment Tool – this will help you decide if staying to defend is an option.

3. Develop a written fire plan and find out if your local area has a Township Protection Plan. Your fire plan should include information about where you will shelter and practical steps to protect all members of the family including children and the elderly.

4. Practise your fire plan – if you plan to defend your home you will need to be physically capable and mentally strong.

5. Create and maintain as much defendable space around your home as possible by managing vegetation, including grass and shrubs. Changes to vegetation laws will help landowners clear property – for more information contact your local council or

6. Prepare your property – if you do not plan to stay to defend, good preparation and adequate defendable space will give your home a greater chance of surviving a bushfire

7. Gain an understanding of the new national Fire Danger Ratings and what the ratings mean for your fire plan.

8. Learn as much as you can about bushfire warnings and safety – attend a Fire Ready Community Meeting or visit the CFA website:

9. Join or form a CFA Community Fire Guard group in your local area.

10. Update your home and contents insurance.

Read your local newspaper

Fire Action Week updates will run in newspapers throughout the state in the week of October 11-18, culminating in a "Prepare to be Fire Ready" day on Sunday, October 18.

They will be raising awareness across Victoria about the high-risk outlook for the coming fire season and the critical need to prepare for the coming fire season.

How you can get involved in Fire Action Week
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