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Memorial Boards

In 2013 MFB launched the Memorial Board project. The boards commemorate firefighters who died while employed by MFB but not in the line of duty.

Submissions for additions to the boards are welcome and can be sent via email.

The full lists of the firefighters currently acknowledged are as follows:

Western District Memorial Board
unveiled 18 March 2013 at Sunshine Fire Station

  • Senior Station Officer Damien Burke
  • Station Officer Eamon McConville
  • Leading Firefighter Simon Robin
  • Senior Firefighter Dan Bartley
  • Leading Firefighter Rodney Urch
  • Leading Firefighter Gary Matthews
  • Qualified Firefighter Glenn Binder
  • Senior Firefighter Gary Icke
  • Leading Firefighter Leo Coghlan
  • Station Officer Jeffery Rollason
  • Leading Firefighter Warren Janson
  • Senior Firefighter Laurie Fishlock
  • Senior Firefighter Kevin Matthews
  • Leading Firefighter Gregory Whelan
  • Leading Firefighter Colin Kearney
  • Leading Firefighter Wayne Fleming
  • Firefighter Leslie Scrivener

Northern District Memorial Board
unveiled 1 October 2016 at Thomastown Fire Station

  • Leading Firefighter Jeff Newland
  • Qualified Firefighter David Mulvihill
  • Firefigher Bill Arnold
  • Senior Fireman Des Kelly
  • Senior Firefighter David Stewart
  • Station Officer Marcus Currie
  • Senior Fireman John Williams
  • Station Officer Bernie Henry
  • Leading Firefighter Phil Hodgson
  • Senior Station Officer Peter Hunt
  • Leading Firefighter Reg Montague
  • Leading Firefighter Ray Muir
  • Staton Officer Rod Allen
  • Leading Firefighter Michael Busst
  • Leading Firefighter Scott Morrison

Central District Memorial Board
unveiled 25 March 2017 at Eastern Hill Fire Station

  • Chief Fire Officer William Aldridge
  • Senior Fireman Norman Victor Parsons
  • Station Officer John Beckwith
  • Station Officer Ivan Nunn
  • Superintendent William Perry
  • Firefighter Lawrence Murphy
  • Firefighter Richard Toft
  • Station Officer Gary Williams
  • Senior Station Officer Ross Leeder
  • Firefighter Matthew Leonard
  • Station Officer Robert Kelly
  • Leading Firefighter Bart Williams
  • Station Officer Adrian Newton
  • Leading Firefighter Samuel McKirdy

Southern District Memorial Board 
unveiled 9 September 2017 at Oakleigh Fire Station

  • Senior Fireman Leslie Noble
  • Station Officer (Class 2) Arthur Aspel
  • Senior Fireman Barry Silva
  • Senior Fireman Michael Watson
  • Senior Fireman Mark Shanahan
  • Senior Fireman Ian Rawlings
  • Leading Firefighter Trevor Watson
  • Leading Firefighter Antony Totton
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Riley
  • Leading Firefighter Matthew Haar
  • Leading Firefighter Peter Neate
  • Firefighter Cameron Watson

Eastern District Memorial Board 
unveiled 9 September 2017 at Oakleigh Fire Station

  • Firefighter Ian Francis Lyon
  • Senior Firefighter Albert Bernard Bastian
  • Senior Firefighter Craig Charles Morgan
  • Leading Firefighter Bill Van Den Heuval
  • Leading Firefighter John Edmond Walters
  • Senior Firefighter Edward James Barnes 
  • Senior Station Officer Uwe Oeser 
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