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Freedom of Information

Freedom of information - access to documentation

Requests to MFB for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 must be made in writing and addressed to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
456 Albert Street, East Melbourne,   Vic    8002

General enquiries relating to Freedom of information can be made by contacting the Freedom of Information Officer on (03) 9662 2311 during business hours

Each application must clearly identify the documents sought and be accompanied by an application fee.


These costs may or may not apply depending on the nature of your request. The following outlines the most common costs. All fees and charges are exempt from GST and are set by government regulations.

There are two costs associated with making an FOI request:

The application fee

The application fee is a fixed cost, which is non-refundable. The only exception is for people suffering hardship who can ask the MFB to waive the application fee.

Application fee - $28.90 (non-refundable unless fee is waived)

The access charges

Access charges relate to the cost incurred in granting access to the documents that you have requested.

Access charges:

  • Search charges - $21.70 per hour of part of an hour
  • Supervision charges - $5 per quart hour
  • Photocopying charges - 20c per black and white 44 page
  • Providing access in a form other than photocopying – may incur additional charges

(Please note that these charges have been rounded to the nearest ten cents, as provided for by the Monetary Units Act 2004).

Lodging a request: Email / Posted

The request can be email to jsmith@mfb.vic.gov.au or posted to Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, PO Box 151, East Melbourne VIC  8002.  (Attention: Jan Smith).

The application fee of $28.90 must be attached to the request, (cheque or money order to be made payable to the "Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board").

If sending an email, payment can be by credit card. I will require the following details:

  • Type of Card
  • Card Holders Number
  • Card Holders Name
  • Card Holders Postal Address
  • Valid from
  • Expiry date
  • American Express Only (3 or 4 Digit Number appearing at right of card - above card Number)
    Amount to be paid $

 If you do not wish to provide your credit cards details via email, these can be provided via telephone once the request is received.

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